Wanna join the movement?

Hifz is built in collaboration with the restaurants, we are set in the world to help you optimize sales, profits and happy customers.

Why should You use Hifz?

Hifz is completely free to get started with, no setup of iPad, machines or anything like this, we have no set-up fee.

High volume

With Hifz, it's about selling many of the same product, to take advantage of the optimization of this.

Low handling fee

We charge a low handling fee, in addition to the fee that Visa and Master Card charge for payment.

New customers in the store

Many of our users will pick up their food from you, so you get new customers into your beautiful stores every day.

Off peak hours

You decide when the customers should come and pick up the food, so you can optimize around rush hours.

Happy customers

For all this, you have to give our users an extra discount or bonus accessory, for this, get in some happy customers.

No expensive hardware

You do not need a new tablet, monitor or machine, everything works automatically and via your employee's mobile phones.